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Recent Articles

Pinchas: An Expansive Lesson on Constriction – Yehoshua Steinberg

In Parashat Pinchas, Moses is commanded to ” צרור (oppress / distress) the Midianites… for they have oppressed you.” The word צרור is related to the word צר, which denotes narrow, strait, constrained. This article examines the gamut of words in the Holy Tongue and attempts to demonstrate how each and every one relates to these essential concepts.

Balak: A Hollow Curse – Yehoshua Steinberg

The bulk of the Torah portion “Balak” concerns Bilaam cursing Israel. The primary word used
for cursing though is the highly unsual –unique, according to one opinion- term קבה. Furthermore, this same word is uniquely used in Balak to denote tents and other objects. What is the underlying meaning of the root קב, and why is it so ubiquitous singularly in this connection? This is the topic of this week’s essay.

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