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Recent Articles

Vaeschanan: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters ~ Tzvi Abrahams

We encounter an unexpected phenomenon in this week’s portion: two derivatives of the same root, in a single verse, translated with entirely different Aramaic Targumim. This singularity repeated is moreover repeated consistently in every single occurrence of these two words in the Torah. This article examines the difference between these words and the surprising and enlightening lesson to be gleaned from this subtle anomaly.

Eikev: Comforting Anger? – Yehoshua Steinberg

Many synonyms for anger exist in the Hebrew language. This article examines one of them in depth -קצף- due its especial repetition in the week’s Torah portion. The uniqueness of this term is explored, and all the other words for wrath are surveyed and explained as well. We sincerely hope that the readers will walk away happier and calmer for their efforts!

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