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Ha’azinu: Hard ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

The word עקש appears for the first time in Scripture in this week’s Parashah. Rashi explains the word with two similar words: עקום (bent) and מעוקל (twisted), or in a word: crookedness. But in that there are no fewer than ten “synonyms” for this concept in the Holy language, we seek in this article to discern the uniqueness of this work compared to its peers. To this end, we compare this word to other words in Leshon Hakodesh containing the string קש, all of which broadly share the meanings harshness, hardness and/or solidity.

Sukkot: Gog’s Impervious Roof Versus Israel’s Flimsy Thatched Sukkah ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

Rabbi S. R. Hirsch suggests that the phonetic link between the name Gog (and Magog) and the Hebrew word גג (Gag) hints to a conceptual connection between the two words as well. While the Jews sit under the insubstantial thatched schach on Sukkot, a cover providing little protection except vis a vis direct sunlight, the practical Gog and his ilk would never entertain such a folly. Yet, Israel has clung to this shoddy covering for millennia. These opposing weltanschauungs are the subject of this article.

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