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Ki Savo: Looking With Your Heart ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

The word להשכיל (derived from the root שכל) generally means to become wiser, more educated. And yet, in the very last verse in this
week’s Torah portion, the word has a different meaning according to Onkelus: “success.” Indeed, this root bears seemingly unrelated and even opposite meanings in Scripture according to various commentators, i.e. “looking,” and “thwarting.” This article investigates this mysterious root to determine the core meaning connecting the disparate derivative imports.

Ki Seitzei: Get Connected ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

This week’s Torah portion prohibits the taking of a widow’s clothing as security, using the expression לא תחבול, deriving from the root חבל. Since there are four other words in Classical Hebrew which generally denote collateral, we explore the especial meaning of this particular term. In this connection, we explore a possible link between the gamut of words sharing the two letters חב.

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