Sukkot: Gog’s Impervious Roof Versus Israel’s Flimsy Thatched Sukkah ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

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Yehoshua is a retired U.S. Army Chaplain and currently lives in Israel with his wife and children.

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Yehoshua (Jeremy) Steinberg

Rabbi S. R. Hirsch suggests that the phonetic link between the name Gog (and Magog) and the Hebrew word גג (Gag) hints to a conceptual connection between the two words as well. While the Jews sit under the insubstantial thatched schach on Sukkot, a cover providing little protection except vis a vis direct sunlight, the practical Gog and his ilk would never entertain such a folly. Yet, Israel has clung to this shoddy covering for millennia. These opposing weltanschauungs are the subject of this article.