Ki Tisa: Year of the Monkey? ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

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Yehoshua is a retired U.S. Army Chaplain and currently lives in Israel with his wife and children.

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Yehoshua (Jeremy) Steinberg

Article abstract: We are told in Parashat Ki Tissa to celebrate the Festival of Gathering, an alternative name for the Festival of Booths, at the תקופה of the year. The Targumim translate the word as "departure," but this is difficult, since the holiday occurs well after the conclusion of the Jewish New Year. Rashi therefore emphasizes that the word actually means a cycle, and it refers to the beginning of the New Year. This week's article examines the depth of this word by comparing it to other words listed by the early grammarians as deriving from the same root – including קוף, the frisky monkey! But surprisingly, upon close investigation of many words containing the same two-letter string, a distinct pattern emerges which sheds light on the underlying meaning, one bearing a profound lessons for our own lives.