Vayakhel: Wandering Infrastructure ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

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Yehoshua is a retired U.S. Army Chaplain and currently lives in Israel with his wife and children.

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Yehoshua (Jeremy) Steinberg

Article abstract: Parashat Vayekhel tells of the actual construction of the Tabernacle, affirming that it was fashioned in accordance with the original instructions. The underlying infrastructure of the Mishkan -although always covered with gold or copper- was drawn from a species of trees called שטים, rendered in the translations as acacia. Why was this particular genus chosen, when it was hardly indigenous to the desert? And if it was so essential, why was it hidden from view? We seek the answers to these questions in our Sages' pronouncements sprinkled through their writings. And of course, we examine the gamut of words sharing the two essential radicals of this word, seeking a common thread of meaning among the seemingly disparate imports, but which I believe ultimately emerges, and sheds light on the reason for this species being selected for this sublime purpose.