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Terumah/Yom Kippur: To Cover up or to Clean Up, That is the Question ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

Article abstract:
Parashat Terumah acutely delineates the makeup and measurements of the Tabernacle and its components, such as the Holy Ark and the Sacrificial Altar. But if it is important for one studying the intricacies of trees not to lose sight of the forest, how much more so should one analyzing the legal minutiae of the Sanctuary be sure to step back and ponder its fundamental purpose: atonement.
The word for atonement in Hebrew is כפרה, but other words in the Holy Tongue bear this general meaning as well, such as סליחה and מחילה. What then is the unique import and mechanism of expiation represented by the word כפרה?
This week’s article examines the disparate derivatives of the root כפר, and delves into a fascinating dispute between Rashi and Ibn Ezra regarding its core meaning, and ultimately what the actual goal of atonement is.

Mishpatim: Duck, Duck… Justice! ~ Yehoshua Steinberg

Article abstract:
Parashat Mishpatim is dedicated in large measure to teaching righteousness, defining what is right and good behavior between human beings. Righteousness is called צדק in Hebrew, and as if to emphasize the centrality of this concept to the human condition, this root is one of the most common in the Bible, appearing no less than 655 times throughout the Tanach.
But what lies at the core of צדק? From the hundreds of examples of צדיקים and צדקה, what is the fundamental underlying lesson for us in everyday life?
In order to discover the intrinsic meaning of the word, this article looks to the foundational letters of the root itself, namely examining the gamut of other terms in the Bible containing the two-letter string דק. A pattern quickly emerges, pointing to an aspect of uprightness only Divine wisdom could teach.

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